Monday, July 30, 2012

Driving all over Town

This week I had several errands to run. Unfortunately, they were all in different parts of the city. I decided to save on emissions and time and do them all in one day.

I live in the southern suburbs so I began in Blackwood which is about fifteen minutes northeast of where I live. Three years and four months ago I got hearing aids. I can hear without them but I can hear better with them. They came with a three year warrantee. Wouldn't you know it, one has just stopped working. Grrr. So the first stop was to drop off said hearing aid.

I continued east down the hill to Burnside Village. The bogan alarm must not have been working because I managed to sneak in unseen. I wanted to check the kosher section of the Coles there for Eskal pickles. I know Coles is part of the duopoly and I feel dirty when I have to shop there - and not in a good way - but it is, to my knowledge, the only supermarket in Adelaide with a kosher section. Alas, no pickles.

Following that I skirted the city and headed west to Thebarton to Steve Salvis Fine Guitars to see if he could help fix my mum's old ukelele. Teenage Son learns trumpet and French Horn and is self-taught on guitar and piano. Evidently, that isn't enough because he's been eyeing the ukelele greedily for awhile. I could buy a new ukelele for less than it's going to cost me to get this one fixed but it's a very good one, it was my mum's and it's more in fitting with Footprints to get it repaired.

Finally, I headed home stopping at the local post office on the way to send a package. All up it took about two hours. I don't know how many kilometres I covered but I'm sure it was less than it would have been had I done them all on different days.



  1. boo hoo re pickles :( I think it's bigger than the excuse about them not growing well last year.....Gonna have to make my own now I think!

    1. I didn't check everything there but I think there were other Israeli things so I'm not so sure there's a boycott. I had intended to surprise you with a couple of cans if they'd had any. Alas, we both have to wait.