Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eating and Shopping Ethically on Holiday

This will be my last post about our Sydney holiday. We've been back for over a week now and I'm bound to start to forget small details soon! As I mentioned previously Husband and I stayed in an apartment. We bought groceries so we could have some meals there and eat some out.

After my arrival I went in search of the Coles Husband had given me directions to. He gave me great directions except for the fact that he told me it was on the ground floor of the World Tower. After wandering around aimlessly for quite some time I found it in the basement. By then I was starting to feel a little hungry. Our apartment was surrounded by wonderful restaurants and the smells that followed me on that short walk to Coles got the gastric juices flowing.

I wasn't happy to have to shop at one of the duopoly. Once there, however, I stuck to products that I know to be ethical. I bought them in smaller sizes so there'd be less food wastage. Unfortunately that meant more packaging.

One of the annoying things about my metabolism is that I can go from a little peckish to feeling faint and disorientated from hungry in a short space of time. After emerging from Coles at dinner time I'd reached the second state of being and needed to get some dinner into me asap. That being the case I walked past several lovely little eating places, unsure of how long it would take to be served, and walked into Nando's where I had dinner in hand in less than ten minutes. Ooops, a multinational dinner.  It wasn't my proudest moment but I gulped down that chicken wrap and chips greedily.

The next day Husband arrived and we made up for my bad girl excesses of the previous evening by having lunch out at a local French patisserie.

Back to bad the next day with lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. That was my decision - again. It wasn't due to hunger this time. It was based on the same premise as our visit to Madame Tussaud's. I wanted to be able to add eating at a Hard Rock Cafe to a metaphoric list of life milestones. Okay, I guess that means I'm sheltered and don't have much of my life but I've eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe.

The next two days we ate at small local places again. I've already mentioned the dodgy lift up to the Japanese restaurant. It was warm and inviting inside on a cold wet day. Husband and I were the only people in there who were not Asian. I thought that was a pretty good endorsement. We were also the only people over the age of 25. As we sat down to a late lunch around 2.30 students began to stream in for afternoon tea.

A Korean meal followed the next day. It was another small place filled with Asian customers. We weren't disappointed; it was really good. The fire and spice of the Korean kimchi perfectly complimented the blander flavours of the Japanese from the previous day.

Being on holiday we took more liberties with our food choices. We bought snacks and chocolates where we would have forgone them at home. We bought them at the supermarket and stuck with ethical brands. We felt like we were on holiday but remained, where possible, conscious of the footprint we were leaving.


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