Monday, July 23, 2012

Doing the Family Shuffle

On Sunday Teenage Daughter had a music workshop in the city and Teenage Son had a party near the city. Both started at the same time and each was finishing at a similar time. Husband and I discussed the various ways we could deal with the situation. The two best solutions seemed to be either take both cars and each drop a child and pick the same child up, and meet in the city to kill time in between or take one car and do a little "doe-sy doe". We opted for the latter because of Footprints.

Here's how it panned out. Teenage Daughter drove into the city to get her driving hours up. Once there, she and I hopped out of the car and Husband and Teenage Son drove off. Teenage Daughter and I spent a pleasant fifteen minutes walking in the city before she headed off to her workshop. I bought a notebook, found a bench and sat down making notes for my novel while I waited for Husband to get back. When he got back he and I did some more walking and had a cup of tea. I drove to pick Teenage Son up from his party while Husband killed time in the State Library reading the paper. Teenage Son and I got back in to the city with time to spare. Once Teenage Daughter had finished she drove us all home.

I think it worked well. The only flaw for me was that I HAD to buy a notebook when I have so many at home. Never mind, it's in my handbag now for future flashes of inspiration.


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