Thursday, July 19, 2012

Following up on three previous blogs

A couple of days ago I wrote about Favourite Cousin's home in Preserving History. I've been in touch with Favourite Cousin subsequently who said that recycling was part of the plan, as was using found objects in new and different ways. (I've paraphrased her.)

Before that I wrote about plastic in Plastic Footprints. A friend of mine contacted me with the following comment:

I had an argument with a dentist about a plastic film (fissure seal) the dentist wanted to put over my daughters' teeth at the back. There was nothing wrong with the teeth - no cavities, no decay, but they had a naturally occurring groove shape in them. The idea was that by covering the groove with this plastic compound, food would not be able to lodge there and thus prevent cavities. My concern was that there were small amounts of bisphenol A (and B if I remember rightly) in the compound which I did not want in the bodies of my children. I do not want these chemicals leaching into their systems.
The dentists insisted that studies showed that the results of such preventative measures were so good that it was definitely a worthwhile procedure. Their studies showed that the amounts of the chemical were so minute and that after 20 minutes there was none of the chemical byproduct to be found in the saliva. My concern was that if there was some to be found in the initial 20 minutes where did it go then? Into my chidren's bodies!
The dentist totally missed my point that I didn't want ANY plastic byproducts in their systems, especially these ones, however minute the amount because the particular ones in the dental fissure seals are known endocrine disruptors.
These are the same compounds to be found in plastic tin liners. (Why does tinned food need to have a plastic liner in the tin anyway? Another reason to always buy fresh. I was brought up to learn that tinned food was a good substitute if fresh were unavailable - now I disagree.)
I think these may also be the same compounds which leach out of many plastic drink bottles.

Another friend, a food technologist, then posted a link to Food Standards Australia New Zealand. BPA information, which explains how and why it is that it is allowed to be used in food packaging and dentistry. 

And finally, quite some time ago now I posted about my roofing company woes in It's Raining, It's Pouring. I called the company on June 20th and it's now a month later. In between Husband has made two reminder calls to them. No one has come yet. Husband told me yesterday that he'd heard on the radio that many big companies were monitoring the internet - social networking sites, in particular - for feedback about their companies. Some companies hire people just to do that. (I'd love that job. Facebooking all day and getting paid for it!) The idea is to see where they're doing badly and make the necessary improvements. So, I'm thinking of going public and naming the company and sharing my 
experiences. Perhaps after that I could email them a link to my Facebook page!


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  1. I had some fillers put in when about the same age and for the same reason. Regardless of what was not known then and is known now. It was a waste of bloody time - the things came out pretty damn quick - probably the reason I had no cavities was that the food lodged there made the same escape.....just keep up the brushing and flossing - does the job nicely!