Monday, February 20, 2012

A Razak formal dress

Teenage Daughter's formal is coming up at the end of April. She mentioned to me that, in keeping with Footprints, she wanted to begin her dress search in second-hand shops. I knew that we probably needed to shop somewhat upmarket from the Salvos so I compiled a list of designer recycle shops in the more affluent parts of town.

Last Saturday our hunt began. We left home with the list of shops and started at the one furthest from our home. It was a tiny shop on Archer St at North Adelaide, Designer Recycle Boutique. Teenage Daughter went straight to the long dresses and found two to try on, one of which was kind of what she wanted. She tried on that one first and she took away, not only my breath, but that of the saleslady. She looked stunning in it! When she showed Husband later, it had the same effect on him. Even Teenage Son, who can be a tough critic, gave a one word response, along the lines of, "Nice." High praise!

Needless to say, we bought it. I mentioned that I was happy to buy new shoes but that the dress would look great with a pair of black stilettos I have which Teenage Daughter covets. She tried it on again at home with said shoes and wants to borrow them for the occasion.

On the way home she looked at the label which read Razak. That certainly rang a bell for me. I thought he may have been one of the Rundle Street East designers. A check on the internet when we got home confirmed it. It was an added bonus to think that the dress was designed by a local. I'm not sure where his stuff is made but I'm still happy that the dress she chose was one of his.

Razak Designs

A definite triumph for Footprints!


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