Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Only Shopping I Enjoy!

It's summer now, although one wouldn't think it to look or walk outside today. It was really hot around the new year and it became clear to me that, while t-shirts, singlets and shorts are okay for around the house, I needed some weather appropriate clothing if I intended to venture out. What I needed were sundresses, blouses or skirts. Where to go was a no-brainer: the Salvos! For the last seven or eight years, secondhand shops have been my first place to try to find what I need, in most cases. That wasn't something I had to change on the Footprints Project. Prior, it was about thrift and thrill. It's still about the thrill of the hunt but it's also about not being part of the potentially unethical chain of supply and demand.

And so it was that on the last day of the year I found myself with seven sundresses draped over my arm walking into the fitting room of our local Salvos shop. Out of the seven, two fitted well and suited me. I also grabbed a blouse without trying it on, which, fortunately, also fitted. 

Two weeks later it was my birthday and Teenage Daughter took me "op shopping" as my present. This time we tried a shop we hadn't been to before, Savers, which is run by the Diabetic Society. It is the size of a warehouse and sells EVERYTHING. It was almost too overwhelming but we picked over sundresses, skirts and blouses until I found about five skirts I liked. Two must be my magic number because that's how many fitted me and I liked on. On the way to the checkout I noticed eight dessert plates which matched some larger plates I bought at the Salvos several years ago. I couldn't resist, thinking they may make cute little gifts with some homemade chocolates or biscuits sitting on them. If I don't get that creative, I have eight really pretty little plates which I'm sure won't go to waste.

I really dislike summer but, being able to go and about in my lovely new sundresses and skirts eases the pain somewhat.


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