Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Byte of the rotten Apple

Oh dear! I saw on the news last night that Apple Inc has come under fire for using a company with a bad human rights record to make their products. I'm saddened and angered but not surprised. I'm particularly annoyed because we're a family that prefers Apple products. So where does that leave us, particularly in light of the lifestyle we're trying to lead?

One of the things we've talked about is what to do if we simply can't get something ethically or secondhand. The conclusion we reached was to buy the best possible quality products in those situations in order to not have to replace them as often. Perhaps Apple has used one of the worst factories in China but I doubt they're the only one. I further doubt any technology companies are using worker friendly factories. Sounds like a massive cop-out, huh? It's not. What I'm leading to is that I could change companies in the future and maybe I will - I don't know yet. However, if the products I buy aren't as good as Apple ones and don't last as long am I being complicit in the whole supply/demand/treat your workers like shit thing more often? Is that more preferable? (These are probably rhetorical questions!)

So far, our Apple products seem to have stood the test of time. That being the case, maybe going secondhand next time may be the best option if it's an option. We could still buy Apple but not be part of the supply/demand cycle. I don't know how plentiful secondhand Apple products are and I'm hoping we don't need to find out for quite some time.


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