Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great Produce Swap of 2012

Teenage Daughter had a study group here on Sunday. One girl arrived with a bag of home-grown tomatoes for me. It was a lovely gesture but I had only just harvested quite a number from our own vegie patch that very morning. Needless to say, the girls got bruchetta for lunch! I found out later that the girl who brought me the tomatoes had also had bruchetta for breakfast.

Later, the parents arrived to do pick up and one of the mothers came with a huge container of home-grown peaches for us other parents to pick through. In the end, I collected some peaches, passed on the tomatoes from my daughter's friend to the peach bearer and gave some of our home-grown cucumbers to all the parents. It was a fruitful exchange. (No pun intended.)

The next day I had one of the peaches. I can write, unreservedly, that it was the juiciest, tastiest peach I've ever eaten. Yummo!


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