Monday, January 21, 2013

What's For Dinner?

What’s on the menu this week?

  • Left over Hokkien Noodle Salad made with a mixture of veggies from our garden and those left over in the fridge
  • Steamed chicken fillets with couscous tabouli using couscous from the pantry, a lemon in the fridge and herbs from our garden
  • Zucchini Fritters and tomato/cucumber salsa and sour dough toast using up some goat’s curd cheese, sour cream and feta in the fridge, veggies from our garden and left-over bread from the freezer
  • Fish, Moroccan potato wedges and garden salad using potatoes from the fridge and salad makings from our garden   
  • Fried Rice using rice from the pantry, eggs from the fridge and veggies from our garden

I spent next to nothing at the shops this week! Husband is quick to remind me, however, that the water bill is going to be enormous since we haven’t had enough rain yet for the rainwater tanks to be a viable watering option. I counter this with the fact that one can’t put a price on freshness and nutritional value. Then I realise I’ve just shot myself down because I was the one gloating about how much we’d saved at the supermarket.

Later, Husband looks at me across the table, smiles and says, "I can garden and cook well!" as we munch on our steamed chicken and couscous tabouli. I nod in agreement because my mouth is way too full of food to speak.


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  1. Well done! I agree with you about freshness and nutritional value of home-grown produce.
    My greatest garden joy is to supplement every meal with a salad or other greens foraged just outside the back door. My favourite is a mixed green salad. At the height of the season we will have at least 9 different green leafy vegetables in the mix with a variety of colour, texture and taste, and that is before adding extras in season like cucumber, capsicum and tomato. So thrilled that you are experiencing this kind of joy (and money/transport-saving convenience)