Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Footprints Kind of Day

Husband took a cheese making course some time ago with local cheese producers, Udder Delights. He found out a few months ago through a friend that people who like Udder Delights on Facebook can get some great bargains and/or freebies on occasion so he signed up. Last week he was able to get a substantial amount of cheese for a greatly reduced price. The only catch was that it had to picked up from the Udder Delights shop in Hahndorf last Saturday.

In the absence of our rabbi, various congregation members are leading service at our synagogue. Last Saturday, the children and I did so. Instead of going home immediately afterwards, we incorporated the cheese pick-up into the drive. We filled up on challah - delicious Jewish plaited bread - because it was around lunch time when the service finished and set out for Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.

Driving through the hills isn't the most inspiring experience at this time of year. The landscape is slightly depressing because the grass is dead from the dry and heat of summer. Nevertheless, we were all excited; Husband and I hadn't been to Hahndorf for years and neither of the children had ever been.

We walked the main street for a little while in search of somewhere to have lunch. It was awash in a myriad of small, independent eateries. The one which caught our eyes, though, was the vego, pinko, tree-hugger option. We couldn't go past the sign which read organic local produce. Hahndorf is a Germanic town and many tourists would feel the need for a bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard for lunch. That being the case, the manager greeted us with an explanation of the menu which included a caution that if we wanted a meat based Germanic lunch we should perhaps try elsewhere. We assured her we did not and were led out the back to a courtyard filled with mismatched furniture. We loved it already without even trying the food.

Husband, Teenage Son and I shared two local produce and one salad plate, and Teenage Daughter had toast with tomato, basil and feta. She also helped us eat ours as they were overflowing. The produce plate had cheese, kalamata olives, and two veggie dips that were thick and chunky like chutney. It came with fresh crusty bread. The salad plate was overflowing with a variety of salads from green to bean to potato. A crunchy carrot one seasoned with coriander dressing captured our taste buds. Then the bill came and we thought we might have to do a runner; not because it was expensive but because we thought the waitress had added it up wrongly. She hadn't. Not only was the food wonderful and the vibe good but the prices were exceedingly reasonable. I'd highly recommend it if I could remember the name. Finding it out is a work in progress - I'll get back to you on that.

Following lunch we dawdled to Udder Delights dipping in and out of local food shops on the way. Finally, Husband picked up his cheese and who should we see there collecting his cheese but the friend who'd told Husband to follow Udder Delights on Facebook. That's Adelaide!

In the late afternoon Husband and I enjoyed some of the cheese with local beer under our pergola. Then Husband cooked our dinner using veggies and herbs from our garden to make a ratatouille.

It was a perfect Footprints kind of day.


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