Monday, January 21, 2013

What Did I Get For My Birthday?

I've written several times about gift giving and its inherent stressfulness. What about receiving? What did I get for my birthday? What kinds of things do I like to get?

  • Husband, Teenage Daughter and Teenage Son bought me a new gold chain to replace the broken one which had held my Star of David. (I have signature pieces of jewellery I wear everyday and my star is one of them.)
  • Teenage Daughter also gave me a handmade notebook to carry in my handbag and a purple scarf.
  • Teenage Son also gave me a block of chocolate.
  • Dear Old Dad and My Lovely Stepmother and The Father-in-Law all gave me money.
  • The Boyfriend gave me chocolate. He had discreetly sussed out just what to buy over lunch the day before.
  • The Girlfriend gave me a bunch of flowers. They were hand-picked and a few are still alive over a week later.
  • One of my besties came over the evening of my birthday with a bottle of champagne and announced present was pending. After noticing the mismatched glasses I served the champagne in she turned up a day or two later with a new set of champagne glasses for me.
  • Another bestie with whom I don't usually exchange gifts dropped over yesterday with a soy candle she had handmade for me.
  • Another dear friend gave me a basket of homemade edible treats, most of which are already gone.
What am I going to do with the money? I already spent some of it on a second-hand Anne Rice novel and a red hat. I need new make-up so I'll spend some on that. That will still leave me about $40. I think I'll go op shopping!


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