Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Week's Ticks and Crosses

It's been an unusually busy week this week! For the most part we've stuck to Footprints but there were a couple of times that - in hindsight - I would have done things differently.

On Tuesday Teenage Daughter left school early to go into the city for a music workshop. A group of them from school went on the bus so we didn't have to pick her up in the car and drive her there. After the workshop, however, there was a concert for family and friends which we attended. Husband met Teenage Son and me after work. I picked up Teenage Son from school and we drove into the city. This meant that we had to drive two cars home from the city. It wasn't the ideal situation. In hindsight, if I'd actually thought of it,  I could have driven to the train station with Teenage Son, left his and his sister's school bags in the car and caught the train almost right to the door of where we were going. The two flaws in that would have been that I would have had to have picked Teenage Son up even earlier from his own after school activity and, realistically, there is no way he would have been happy to have left his trumpet unattended in the car at the train station car park. At least in the city we parked somewhere secure so trumpet was safe.

The next day the children both had to be in the city for another musical commitment. It was for school so they all took the train into the city together from where they were dismissed after sound check. They had a couple of hours to kill in the city before their concert that evening. A number of kids went home but my two stayed in and had an early dinner. Husband and I attended their concert later and we all came home together in the same car. That worked well.

The following day - getting tired yet??? - I went to the theatre. It was quite a long play in the city so I ended up having to pay a lot in parking fees. It would have been far more economical and, of course, eco-friendly, had I just caught the train in. By the time I'd bought lunch and paid for parking the cheap theatre ticket had doubled in price!

We live and learn, I guess.

Have a great weekend.

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