Monday, August 27, 2012

The Saga of the Rainwater Tanks part 1

Just under two years ago we had a detached rumpus room built in what was once our veggie patch. (Never fear; the veggie patch has been relocated, not abandoned.) Things move slowly in our household and, since the time it was finished, downpipes have run from the gutter to ... well ... nowhere. We hadn't gotten around to having it connected to the storm-water drains. This was becoming a concern as we began to worry about foundation damage and/or termites. (The little buggers love damp conditions.) Ultimately we decided to install rainwater tanks in keeping with Footprints.

The Garden Whisperer said he could do it and ordered the tanks before going away for a couple of months. We had a delivery and installation date; we just had to wait until he came back. He came back and the big day arrived. In the meantime I'd had the gutters cleaned and the guy who did that told me that one of the rumpus room gutters was pitched wrongly. That was okay, however; it would work in our favour. On the big day, it was blowing a gale and there was no let-up in the rain all day. The Garden Whisperer came but couldn't do it on that day so he, Husband and I made sure all was good to go for a new date the following week.

Unfortunately, we realized that there was no immediate way to get the tanks from the front garden to the back. We'd need to have our small gate remade into a bigger one. That would only work for one of the tanks; the other was so big it had to be brought in on the other side where there was no gate, only fence. Consequently, on the first day The Garden Whisperer and his friend, The Metal Man, remade the gate. It was done with the existing gate and fence and looks pretty good. They also began building the base for the tanks. They ended up working until 8pm. Teenage Daughter's comment was, "They certainly are dedicated."

Yesterday, The Garden Whisperer, The Metal Man and another helper - let's call him The Cute One With the Dreadlocks - finished the bases, removed the side fence, put the rainwater tanks into place, put the fence back on and tidied up the rough edges on the new gate. All done and dusted by 6pm this time.

The tanks look good and are going to hold a lot of water. The next phase is this Thursday when the tanks will be connected to the rumpus room.

I just hope after all this we don't have another drought!


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