Monday, September 5, 2011

A Lull in Enthusiasm

Footprints  was essentially my idea and my family very kindly agreed to come along for the journey. Our values are all similar so they were keen to join in. I remain the driving force behind it and being the driving force can sometimes be a lonely position to be in.

This is our seventh week into it and I can feel old habits beginning to creep back or is it that the new ones just haven't had time to fully replace the old ones. There seem to be many reasons why the old ways seems better. They are NOT better, however. They're based on the wrong belief that the Earth's resources are unlimited and that if we don't see or know how the labourers who make our clothes and other things are treated then it's not our problem. It's my problem because I've chosen to make it so.

So, I will continue to try my best to do what I can and make changes rather than excuses. Furthermore, I'll be on the watch for those insidious bad habits which seem to be determined to creep back into my life.

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