Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad News about The Body Shop

The biggest change I've noticed since we began this project is our shopping trolley. The brands filling it are eco-friendly and ethical which gives me alot of satisfaction as I unload it at the check-out.

With myself, I've also noticed a reluctance to impulse buy either at the supermarket and in general. Before I buy anything I want to research the brand. I'm not entirely sure the rest of the family quite "get" this. I've noticed new Bonds underwear appearing in the house. Oh well.

I ordered the Ethical Consumer Guide and was reading it, only to learn something that greatly disappointed me in terms of branding and ownership. One of the "no-no" companies is L'Oreal because of nanoparticles and animal testing. Naturewatch has called for a boycott of their products, obviously feeling they're not worth it. I don't use L'Oreal anyway but what disappointed me was the fact the The Body Shop is actually owned by L'Oreal and has been for the past five years. Grrr. The principles of The Body Shop haven't changed. It still supports Fair Trade and doesn't test on animals. However, profits made from The Body Shop would, ultimately, go to L'Oreal, I suspect. Consequently, I won't be buying from The Body Shop anymore :(

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