Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When the Lights Go Out

We lost power around 9.15 this morning. When I called ETSA I learnt that it was a scheduled maintenance outing and that power would be restored by 3pm.

Teenage Daughter had just gotten up and was about to cook breakfast. She is the complete opposite to a picky eater. In fact, she is so opposite that she is also picky. If the food isn't complicated, pretentious or gourmet she turns her nose up at it. That presented a challenge for her. She could still have her poached eggs by using a match to light the gas stove but she couldn't have toast. She decided to use a wrap but was dismayed to learn she would have to wait for it to defrost as the microwave couldn't be used either. I just shook my head and wondered what was wrong with muesli. It is, after all, Carman's.

Just before the outage Husband had called and I'd missed it so I was forced to return his call on an old-fashioned - plugged - into - the - wall - phone complete with curly cord and receiver.

After calling Husband and ETSA on the curly cord phone I decided to rethink my day.

I'd have to wash clothes later in the day. That was okay because it was hot today so I knew they would still dry on the line later. But how would I keep cool with no air conditioner or ceiling fans?

Vacuuming was out of the question but I could still use the good old broom and dustpan and carpet sweeper.

But what would I do about my cup of tea??? I would boil the water stove-top. As soon as I'd had my tea I'd go out and run errands. That would accomplish something and get me out of the house, as well.

My laptop was fully charged so I could write a blog and work on the book but my phone had only just been plugged in to charge so I had no internet access whatsoever. Oh no!!!!

Forty five minutes after losing power it came back on and it was business as usual in the end!



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    1. I had to post it to read it, Jack. I took all the details and then deleted it. Anyway, I sent you an email. :-)