Monday, February 4, 2013

A Lovely Morning in Blackwood

Today I needed to go to Blackwood to buy new receiver covers for my hearing aids. Teenage Daughter, who is STILL on holiday, asked what I was up to and, when I replied, asked if she could come along and the two of us have lunch together.

There are two ways to get to Blackwood - in the Adelaide Hills - from our place. One is taking main roads and the other is taking the windy back roads that go through the hills. Many years ago I would have opted for the former, not liking the windy corners. These days, however, I prefer the latter so off we headed through the windy back roads of the Adelaide Hills.

The program for Writers' Week is now available so our first stop was Mindfield Books to see if they had one. They did. Win. I would have made it out without buying any new books had I not seen a little children's book entitled, "Callum Loves Cuddles". Since Callum is the name of a male I'm particularly close to and he does, indeed, like cuddles I HAD to buy it. Ooops.

Once out of the bookshop, Teenage Daughter noticed there was a Salvos shop on the other side of the car park. Well, we had to check it out. Two skirts later, we left for the audiologist.

After the audiologist our final stop was Fancy Burgers, a restaurant Teenage Daughter had been wanting to try. It's a local place and we enjoyed our food.

The best part of the outing was the time I got to spend with Teenage Daughter.


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  1. Nice!

    Homesick now - I LOVE those windy back roads to Blackwood!!! Time to start planning a visit methinks, with DB in tow...