Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shopping at Gaganis Brothers

Every year, around this time, we go to Gaganis Brothers to stock up on some of the stuff we'll need over Passover. We use a lot of almond meal at this time and it is much more economical to buy it there than at the supermarket. Bigger quantities are available so there is less packaging, too.

When I'm there I ask myself why I don't shop there regularly. It's a wonderful shop that sells just about every food imaginable. I could buy things in bigger quantities thus reducing packaging. Furthermore, after awhile my pantry would be so full that I could go less often, thus creating fewer emissions.

The emissions is one of the reasons I don't go there every week. However, I think I've just solved that problem by realising that I'd end up going less often eventually. The other reason is that, when I'm at the supermarket, I walk around with The Ethical Consumer Guide in my hand so I know what I'm buying. At Gaganis much of their stuff is bought in bulk and bagged into their own store labelled bags. I don't know if I'm buying goods which have been supplied by unethical companies. That is not an insurmountable problem, however. All I have to do is ask!

Food for thought - pun intended!

Have a great weekend.

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