Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planning Ahead

It can be a tad difficult to be spontaneous on Footprints. We don't just want to jump in the car and go somewhere or rush out for take-away or pop up to the IGA for a chocolate bar due to fuel emissions. I have to confess that the latter still happens which really annoys me because unethical chocolate bought on a bike is still unethical chocolate. But that's for another blog, another day.

I've mentioned before that Katy over at The Non-Consumer Advocate "batches errands", as she calls it. That's what I try to do now, too. So this week, I made a list of all the errands I needed to run and the best way to do it. I had originally thought I'd have to make two separate trips in different directions so I could get to the credit union. I realised, however, that, although it's not in Marion where I thought I needed to go, I could still get everything in the smaller shopping centre where my credit union is. Even better, another errand I had to run was in the same direction.

So, yesterday afternoon, I went to the credit union, bought two birthday presents and dropped something off to someone in the area in probably less time than it would have taken me to find a parking spot at Marion - well, almost. AND I didn't have to drive as far.

I couldn't have done it without a little forward planning!


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