Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This and That

There's a blog I've been following for quite some time by Katy Wolk-Stanley entitled, "The Non-Consumer Advocate". Katy and her family try not to be mass consumers and to think about how and where to spend their money wisely. They try not to buy into conspicuous consumerism. Her motto is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”. I'm mentioning it today because one of the things Katy tries to do is "batch her errands". I've been trying to do the same for awhile but I'm trying harder now. For example, I realized in the late afternoon yesterday that I needed bread so instead of rushing out then and there I waited until I had to drive my daughter to work and bought it at the nearby IGA then. I always buy Thursday's paper for the TV guide. Today I'm going to buy it when I go to pick up my son from school. This morning I had to bring the cat to the vet and scheduled the appointment to coincide with the morning school run.

Sadly, our run of early spring ended last night and winter has returned with a vengeance :( I spent some of today trying to dry my clothes, keep warm and get places without using too many resources. I did use the clothes dryer but I made sure to shut off all the bedrooms and use the heat to warm the lounge instead of turning on the heater. When it was finished I didn't turn on the heater while I was doing the housework but waited until I was seated in front of the computer and getting cold.

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