Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting the shopping right

I went grocery shopping again last Friday. I went to the Central Market this time. Surprisingly, I didn't buy any fruit or veg. I have an on-line supplier who always delivers really fresh, mostly locally sourced produce. I'm way too happy with the quality of the produce to change. If you decide to use them, let them know I sent you! What did I do at the Market? First, I went to Grains and Goodies. I bought four items in bulk there, three of which were Australian. 75% - not bad at all. The couscous was from France and I would hope there wouldn't be any human rights issues regarding workers there. Most of the containers at Grains and Goodies are clearly labelled as to the country of origin of the product. The great thing, too, is that I can bring my own containers, thus reducing the environmental costs of landfill, recycling and container manufacturing. I also went to Skala bakery. The bakery, itself, is in Port Adelaide and they have a stall at the Market where I bought bread.

On the way home I went to Pasadena Foodland. It has more variety than my local Foodland but not necessarily more Australian owned brands.

And in other news: one of my cousins gave me some food for thought in relation to dishwashing habits. I'm now trying to ascertain the lowest setting I can use on my dishwasher that will still be effective. (No, I'm not giving up the dishwasher!) I'm also now rinsing in cold water. I can't bring myself to hand wash the dishes in cold water ... yet. I'm too much of a germ-phobe.

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