Monday, August 26, 2013

How NOT to Make a Cup of Tea

The other day I proceeded to make cups of tea for Husband, Teenage Daughter and me. Things didn't quite go to plan.

I put enough water in the kettle for three cups and turned it on to boil. While it was boiling I put a teabag into each mug. We usually use loose leaf tea and a teapot but Planet Organic makes really nice Earl Grey tea. In fact, I prefer it to Twinings. The bags can be put into the green waste bin, as well, so I don't mind the small indulgence.

Once the water had boiled I poured it into the mugs. It was then that I realised that the Planet Organic chamomile teabags had been sitting on top of the Earl Grey ones and I'd accidentally grabbed them instead. So, while the three mugs of chamomile were steeping, I refilled the kettle, got three fresh mugs and three Earl Grey teabags.

This time, once the water had boiled I again poured boiling water into the mugs. It was then that I discovered I'd only filled the kettle with enough water for two mugs. (It's unusual to have to make three.) So, as all the various teas steeped, I boiled the kettle for a third time! I got it right on the third attempt.

We all got our cups of tea in the end and I'm gradually working my way through the jug of chamomile in the fridge. I was pretty annoyed with myself for boiling the kettle not once, not twice but three times. Grrr!

How not to make a cup of tea!!!



  1. I suppose you could remove the chamomile teabags from the mugs, replace them with Earl Grey, serve and see if anyone notices : )

  2. Not being a huge fan of Earl grey I think chamomile could take the edge off it and make it more palatable for me :D

    1. The Planet Organic Earl Grey is far less perfumed than the Twinings which is why I prefer it. That's not to mention the ethics. The Earl Grey/chamomile combo may be a winner. The next time I f*ck up making the tea, I'll try it ...

  3. Seriously, sounds like one of my Alzheimer's moments...

    This is just to let you know that we've moved your link to where it makes much more sense than the steampunk site. Didn't want you to see it missing and think we were mad at you for something. Drop by and check us out when you get a moment.

    Now delete this before somebody thinks it's a shameless plug...

    1. No, I think I'll leave it right here to share your link. :-)