Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spoilt for Flavour

I went out to lunch with my sister earlier in the week. The company was lovely but the waiting staff great. That's where it ended. The food took forever to come out. That happens sometimes when places are busy. It wasn't. My biggest complaint was the food, however. I ordered a dip platter which came with three dips and some pita bread.

I managed to distinguish tzatziki as being one of the dips. It was really tasty. The other two, however, were insipid and flavourless; I couldn't even tell you what the flavour was supposed to be. I realise that our lifestyle is somewhat to blame for me being so critical. We've had a bumper crop of eggplant this summer and several have made it into really kick-ass babaganoush. That would be hard for anyone to top. I buy dips off the shelf at the supermarket, as well. The only brand of dips that is unethical is Philadelphia; that leaves a lot. Neither of the other dips on my plate even came close to a good Yumi or Gaganis brand dip by any means. Perhaps they should have used one of those from the nearby supermarket!!!

The place we ate was your average run of the mill cafe. I eat at those places quite often; there's usually something for everyone on the menu. I'm not used to fine dining but I am used to good, fresh, tasty food. Most of the cafes I go to get it right. This one didn't. At least, not with the dips. My sister's pasta looked and smelt good.

I'm actually not bothered by this because I like the fact that the produce from our garden is really tasty and that I'm used to eating at places that use fresh, local produce. I like the fact that the food I usually eat is really good so I can ascertain the bad. In short, we've been spoilt.



  1. Hi, Rachel. Sorry to hear your nice date went sour (or not sour enough, maybe?) on you. You didn't tell us whether this place was one you've frequented before, and you expected a certain level of performance that was higher than this. There was a franchised family restaurant in the old neighborhood that Bonzo and I would take the kids to for an occasional outing. Took my daughter for her graduation, and my daughter-in-law for her first break after she brought home her first baby. We moved, and lost touch with them. One day we decided to go back "for old times sake." The owners had retired and sold the franchise. Same name, same furniture, different world. Lousy food, everything tasted a bit off, and my main memory from here is of tasting bleach (from the washing, I would hope!) in the orange juice. Horrid! Sometimes even when you think you know a place, you don't. So, was this like that, or was this your first (and last) time there?

    1. I've been there a few times. It's nearby and family owned but not a place I frequent. I'd go back for coffee, pizza or pasta because I think that's what they do best.

      I'm sorry to hear such fond memories for your family were ruined; that's always disappointing.