Thursday, September 20, 2012

Left Over Food and Curry Puffs

One of the issues that we're trying to overcome in our house is left over food. When I was growing up My Gorgeous Mother cooked enough food to feed an army, even though there were only four of us. Then Dear Old Dad moved out and MGM still cooked the same amount of food. Then I moved, ditto. You get the picture. Well, it just so happens that I married a man who cooks in the same manner as MGM.

We often eat our meals for two nights and that isn't what I'm referring to. I'm writing about those single or double portions that get lost in the freezer or the last serve in the saucepan that inevitably gets thrown out. That's not even to mention the half cartons of sour cream or salsa left over after burritos that eventually end up in the bin, as well.

All that food could and should be used. I want to; I really do. As we put away a small amount of left over curry a couple of weeks ago I joked to Husband that it would spend the mandatory time in the freezer before being ditched. Then one of us had an idea. I can't remember who it was. I'd love to take credit, however, because it was a good idea.

Earlier this week I carried out the idea. I defrosted the curry and put it in a saucepan to reduce. While it was reducing I defrosted a few sheets of puff pastry. I cut each sheet into four and put a couple of spoonfuls of curry onto each quarter. I then folded it over into a triangle and put them in the oven. As they baked I made a raita dipping sauce.

The curry puffs were yummy. We ate four each and finished them all. I certainly know what to do with those single serves of curry from now on. I just need to use up the cucumber I used for the raita now.

And yes, I do cook from time to time. Well, I had to really; Husband was away.


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