Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doing a Year 12 Formal semi-ethically

Teenage Daughter had her Year 12 Formal the other night. Here are all the things about it that fitted into the Footprints Project.

  • Her dress was second hand
  • She borrowed shoes, jacket and handbag
  • Twenty two of her friends met locally and hired a bus to take them into the city and back later
  • All the jewellery she wore she already owned or borrowed for the occasion
  • The make-up she bought will last quite some time since she rarely wears make-up
  • Her corsage was not bought from a chain store but I don't know where the flowers were grown

The things that were not so ethical.

  • The amount of product and heat that went into her hair!
  • The hair clip
  • The make-up was bought from the Body Shop whose parent company is L'Oreal.
  • The nail polish
For the most part, I think we did well. I'm particularly proud of my daughter for wanting to try to do it as ethically as possible.


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