Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas cards

The trees must really cry out in despair at this time of the year. There is such a high volume of Christmas cards moving across the country and around the world. Furthermore, all the presents are wrapped in paper.

I really love sending and receiving cards. I especially love doing so for people's birthdays. We all share Christmas but each birthday is someone's special day and I like to acknowledge that. I like to send Christmas letters to people I don't keep in regular contact with to bring them up to date on our family's activities over the past year and I like to send Christmas cards to people I interact with regularly to wish them a special day.

This year, however, I'm changing that. In keeping with the spirit of the project I'm planning to drastically reduce the number of cards/letters I send out, as well as send out a call to my family and friends in both real life and cyber space to not send us one. I'm only going to send them to people I don't interact with regularly. I'm going to wish the others a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Chanukah in person or via our social network.


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