Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grocery shopping

Today I went grocery shopping. I thought I was well prepared. I had been on the internet to the Fightback website and written which brands to buy next to each item on my list. My husband and I discussed whether it would be preferable to buy local with more packaging or imported with less should that choice need to be made and decided on the former.

I decided to shop at Foodland because it's a South Australian company and seems to support local companies. Things aren't as they seem, however, and my outing soon opened a can of worms. It became apparent almost immediately that many of the brands I'd written down aren't being carried by my local Foodland. That got me wondering whether it was preferable to buy either imported items or locally made items owned by a foreign company at Foodland or to try to buy those items at Woolies, a multinational company. I stuck with Foodland, only popping into Woolies to buy Madura loose leaf tea which was not stocked at Foodland.

And then there was the dog food ... I ended up buying a local brand but could only get small tins. I usually buy big tins of an Australian produced, overseas owned brand. Each tin I put in my trolley made me shudder. So much energy used to produce/recycle those tins. My inner greenie died a small death.

And all of that raises the question of whether it is preferable to use the necessary petrol to travel further afield to find more local products. Irony.

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  1. Great idea Rachel. Grocery shopping is always a dilema with supermarkets. I now stick to Foodland because they are local but I tend to shop at Pasenda Foodland because they just have a great range that I feel I get more choice of my brand dilemas (blackwood foodland just can't hold the same amount of stock). Pasadena does tempt you though with the local high quality goods like Maggie Beer and Barossa Fine Foods......yum...and very good selection of gourmet cheeses....yum again. So when I can't get into the Central Market this place is my backup of local good products and at the same time not supporting the supermarkets that own pokies (woolies & coles). Happy shopping!